We’re looking for well-crafted, compelling fiction written with a strong voice. Tell us a story. We’re open to many genres including, but not limited to, literary, science fiction, speculative, gothic, historical, flash, and fairytales. We do not publish fanfiction or erotica.

We’re open for submissions year round. Our response time is about 30 days. For your work to be considered, please follow these guidelines:

  1. We use Submittable to process all submissions. 
  2. Please send no more than 2 submissions within a 30-day period.
  3. Include a 100-word bio in your cover letter.
  4. Our standard maximum length is 3,000 words (20 minute read). Exceptions will be made at the discretion of our editorial team.
  5. We do not accept previously published stories. This includes pieces published in traditional print journals, on your personal blog, as an audio version, or in any other online space.
  6. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please notify us immediately if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.
  7. Your submission should be properly formatted (please double space!) and free of typos. Need an example? Click here: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html

Please allow 30 days for our response. Once your piece has been accepted, we will work with you to make sure it’s the best it can be before it appears in daCunha. No significant changes will be made without your participation and approval; copyediting will be made at the discretion of our team.

To get a feel for us, use this link to get 3 days FREE access to all the stories: https://dacunha.global/gift-from-dacunha/

Please note that daCunha is a subscriber-based publication. Select works appear in front of our paywall throughout the year, but generally speaking your story will be available only to our subscribers.


You own the rights to your work. We ask that you don’t publish your work elsewhere while it’s on daCunha; you may request to remove it at any time.

We may:

+ Create an audio version of your story.

+ Perform your story live at one of our events.

+ Translate your story into another language.

+ If selected, we’ll publish your work in our annual book.

We’ll alert you if your story is adapted, in any of the above formats, by sending you a copy. You own the rights to all.

We won’t edit your work without your permission.

You confirm your work is yours.

We’re not paying at present, and we don’t get paid until our authors do.

We don't have a back catalogue. No dates are placed on the work we feature, and the way our members discover stories ensures every story is evergreen.

Thank you for your interest! Questions? Email veronica@dacunha.global.