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At daCunha Nonfiction we recognize that the nature of the work we receive is incredibly timely, the creation of which does not always lend itself to neat, ten day a month cycles.

In an effort to recognize this inherent aspect to creating cutting edge work, we are happy to announce that daCunha Nonfiction is now accepting year-round submissions. This change means that it may take us a bit longer to get back to you; please allow 30 to 45 days for a response.

Before submitting, please read our general submission guidelines that provide the specifics on how to send us your work. https://dacunha.submittable.com/submit

We'd also like to take this time to wish all our readers peace and joy as the holiday seasons approach.


Allan Rae
Creative Lead - daCunha Nonfiction

daCunha Fiction is now accepting year-round submissions. This change means that it may take us a bit longer to get back to you; please allow 30 days for a response. 

"For a writer, memory and imagination are the same thing." ~ Sigrid Nunez

Have you written a story where memory and imagination are so entwined that it has become, for you, more important than any distinction between what's "true" and what's not? Send us that story. That's the one we want. 

We’re open to many genres including, but not limited to, literary, science fiction, speculative, gothic, historical, flash, and fairytales. We do not publish fan fiction or erotica. 

For examples of what we're looking for, visit our "About" page: 


We ask that you read our recently updated general submission guidelines for more information:


We look forward to reading your work! Be sure to use the proper short story format. Need an example? Look here: 


Questions? Email Veronica Montes, Editrix, daCunha Fiction: veronica@dacunha.global

Updated February 15, 2017

daCunha is an online publication that showcases both fiction and nonfiction. We will also be publishing traditional print anthologies beginning in 2017Our fiction guidelines are as follows:

We’re looking for well-crafted, compelling fiction written with a strong voice. Tell us a story. We’re open to many genres including, but not limited to, literary, science fiction, speculative, gothic, historical, flash, and fairytales. We do not publish fanfiction or erotica.

We’re open for submissions year-round. Our response time is about 30 days. For your work to be considered, please follow these guidelines:

  1. We use Submittable to process all submissions. 
  2. Please send no more than 2 submissions within a 30-day period.
  3. Include a 100-word bio in your cover letter.
  4. Our standard maximum length is 5,000 words (20 minute read). Exceptions will be made at the discretion of our editorial team.
  5. We do not accept previously published stories. This includes pieces published in traditional print journals, on your personal blog, or in any other online space.
  6. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please notify us immediately if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.
  7. Your submission should be properly formatted (please double space!) and free of typos. Need an example? Click here:
  8. http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html

Please allow 30 days for our response. Once your piece has been accepted, we will work with you to make sure it’s the best it can be before it appears in daCunha. No significant changes will be made without your participation and approval; copyediting will be made at the discretion of our team.

If you have questions, please email veronica@dacunha.global. Here are other links that you may find useful:

Please note that daCunha is a subscriber-based publication. Select works appear in front of our paywall throughout the year, but generally speaking your story will be available only to our subscribers.

Thank you for your interest! 

Who We Are

We are a online magazine hosting original creative nonfiction that deals with the serious issues we all as global citizens have a stake in. We publish thorough and informed pieces, written from a uniquely personal lens; a model we hope will inspire action for change. We are open for submissions from the 1st through the 10th of each month. 

What Are We Looking For?

Generally, we seek well crafted, high quality written, visual, or multi media work on a wide range of issues  that the writer has a personal resonance with. Social issues such as racism, poverty, how gender is perceived and prescribed, the social implications of increasing technology, fresh and innovative ideas on ethical business models, and what is happening to our planet environmentally are just a few of the options we would love to hear your perspective on. See our monthly call for submissions for more thematically specific requirements.

Specific Guidelines

We anticipate publishing between 6 and 10 stories per submission period. For your work to be considered, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Your piece should be an original work that has not been previously published, including on personal blogs.
  2. We are looking for well written stories with a strong narrative voice that speak from experience, not academic essays that are removed and inaccessible. 
  3. Ideally between 2,000 - 3,000 words, sometimes shorter, occasionally longer, the maximum is 5,000 words (20 minute read). Exceptions may be made at the discretion of our editorial team, however this will be rare.
  4. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Though we ask that you notify us immediately if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.
  5. Your submission should be properly formatted (double spaced), using a minimum of a 12 point sans serif font and should be free of obvious typos.
  6. We respond to all submissions and will do so within two weeks regardless of the outcome of your submission.
  7. You should be open to, and comfortable working closely with an experienced editor who will likely make suggestions on how best to showcase your work. While your voice will always be paramount, we encourage and expect a collaborative approach.


daCunha accepts poetry submissions according to the following guidelines:
  1. Poetry should be free verse, prose poetry, hybrid, or found poetry.
  2. Formatting of your poem can be single or double spaced, or a combination of both.
  3. Maximum length should be a page to a page and a half per poem.
  4. A single submission should include no less than 3 poems and no more than 5.
  5. We do accept poetry / visual art combinations.
  6. We do not accept rhyming or strict form poetry.
  7. We do not accept formation poetry (the structure of the poem formatted to produce an image).
  8. Introductory or “framing” statements are not accepted as your work should stand alone.
  9. Submit your poem with formatting as you would like it to appear on a published page.
Please send your poetry as a PDF document, one poem per page using a 12 point sans serif font, with the title in bold.

Visual Art, Mixed Media 

daCunha accepts all creative work that is able to tell a compelling story using a narrative structure. This may include visual art, video footage, pictorial essay, audio formats, mixed media, and any combination of the above with or without a written component. If you are considering submitting this type of work, your submission should be in a written, pitch format that clearly explains your vision for the piece, the specific style you propose, and any layout requirements the work mandates.

About Payment

In keeping with our goal of paying writers and artists, accepted stories exist behind a paywall. Writer compensation—including residuals—will begin when we reach our first 100 subscribers. To learn more about our plan to #paytheartists, please visit daCunha: https://dacunha.global/learn-more/

Thank you for your interest in daCunha. We look forward to reading what you've sent us!


Allan Rae
Editorial Director-Nonfiction